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I’m sad. The Amazing Spider-Man was not amazing. I think it just strengthened my belief that Marc Webb should stick to music videos, mainly because dat story… dafuq? Especially the first half, which was frustratingly boring. Definitely not a “faithful comic book adaptation.” I don’t know why internet peeps keep saying it is - got my hopes up for no reason. It really feels like this film is all style and no substance. Beautiful visuals and competent acting for the most part, but that’s not enough to quell my disappointment. T^T

Plus to add insult to injury, my IMAX theatre gave away a bunch of Spidey action figures and I didn’t get one. DAMN LIFE.

All I can say is, IGN’s review turned out to be pretty accurate. Hopefully the sequel is better haha. I have faith in you, Spider-Man. You’ll always be my favorite hero.

P.S. One more thing: that suit is hideous. I was hoping it would grow on me but… nope.

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